AnneMichelle Creates A Blog


Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I have sat on the idea of creating a blog for many years. But I was paralyzed with questions, how do I start? what do I say? how can I provide something unique when there are so many other crafty blogs?

But…this quote by Oscar Wilde really inspired me to just go ahead and start. I may have something similar to say, and that’s okay! I may have something different to say, and that’s okay too.

My blog will be a melting pot of all my favorite crafty hobbies. I have never stuck to just one type of craft because I love them all!

The best place to start is to introduce myself! I’m AnneMichelle (but I only answer that name when my mom says it), most known as Michelle. I’m an empty nester momma to a daughter who also enjoys crafting. I started crafting when I was in elementary school working on the looms that made potholders for Christmas gifts one year. I loved making latch hooks and progressed to needlework and cross-stitch. I have always loved paper planning and creating things from other things that inspired me. I progressed through so many different crafts and I rarely settle on one for any length of time. I enjoy sewing, photography, cross stitch, photography, planning, scrapbooking, card making, diy-ing (and I’m sure there are more!!)

I hope you stop in again to see what I’m up to.

Published by annemichellecreates

Just a southern empty nester momma who enjoys crafting and DIY-ing.

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