Who am I?

I am a long time crafter.

I am a long time photographer. I am a long time “I can make that cheaper/better”. I am a long time planner. I am a long time baker (not a create my own recipes, but a I can really enjoy that recipe). I am a long time scrapbooker. I am a long time card maker. I am a long time seamstress.

I love trying new things. I love being inspired by other crafters genius and can only hope to maybe inspire others.

My goal is to publish a few projects here and there so I have a record of some of my favorites. I also want to connect with more like-minded crafters. I hope to see you around!!

I usually have 2 floofy helpers in my crafty space. They take turns who sits on my desk and who takes over my chair when I stand up…but I love having them with me in the office – it definitely makes it more interesting!!

Published by annemichellecreates

Just a southern empty nester momma who enjoys crafting and DIY-ing.

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